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About us

Have you ever wanted to push the limits of your comfort zone? Have you wondered what lies beyond the edge of the earth? At Reika Adventures we've gone over the edge, we've pushed the boundaries of our nature, and now we're giving others the opportunity to experience the same.
Reika Adventures

Reika Adventures is an adventure tour guiding company that takes tourists on an authentic experience they will never forget. We were founded by Jóhannus Hansen, our lead tour guide, in 2016. You can read more about Jóhannus here. The Faroe Islands is a country full of wild, untouched terrain ideal for exploring. The mountains and cliffs offer an amazing encounter with nature and an incredible view of the islands. Faroese nature can be unpredictable and tough to handle. Reika is dedicated to giving visitors the ultimate experience of the Faroe Islands, meanwhile never compromising their safety and well-being.

Our guides are local Faroese certified climbing and rappelling instructors specialized in guiding tourists through the Faroese terrain. They have many years experience hiking and climbing the Faroese mountains, many having grown up herding sheep in the mountains. 

Reika is a Faroese word meaning to roam, to wander, and to journey. That's part of what we at Reika Adventures do. We take tourists on a journey, wandering and experiencing the unbelievable nature of the islands.

Reika Adventures offers various experiences to choose from. We offer hiking tours to different popular locations including Árnafjall, Trælanípa, and more. Our climbing and rappelling locations vary based on difficulty and experience. Each cliff and mountain is different and offers tourists a unique, once in a lifetime encounter. Definitely an experience you'll want to write home about.

In 2017 Reika got nominated "Ársins nýbrot" which means "The best new idea" in the Faroese travel industry.

Reika Adventures advises customers to have their own travel insurance, although of course we have liability insurance if we are at fault.

Annabel Anderson,

Professional SUP athlete and multiple world champion.

"Johannus is typical Faroese in that he was born here, raised here and he saw ways that he can interact with the islands and the environment in a way that's not functional, that's not to survive, but, to recreate.


Annabel Anderson Exploring with Reika Adventures
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