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Rappelling / Abseiling

What To Expect

Rappelling/abseiling has been done by the Faroese people since the first Vikings settled on the islands. It has long been used for survival, hunting birds, and gathering eggs. We still use it for hunting today, but we also rappel for fun, excitement and to experience nature on another level.


On your adventure you should to be sure to bring warm clothes that can get a little dirty and supportive, comfortable shoes that can get wet. You may also encounter some wildlife, as many birds live in the mountains and cliffs. Don't be surprised if you see plenty of sheep roaming around, too. Every rappelling trip is unique and your safety is our number one priority. If our guides deem the weather or any other elements are too dangerous, they will make a decision on the trip with your safety in mind first. Our guides are very experienced and understand that Faroese nature is quite unpredictable.


Reika Adventures offers rappelling for all. The heights vary from 31 m to 142 m. If you find a location where you would like to rappel, contact us, and if it's safe enough, we will accommodate you. We are looking for cool new locations all the time!

Contact us to inquire about prices as each trip may vary based on group size, location, etc.


Level: Trained

Múlafossur, Gásadalur

Level: Trained


Level: Beginner


Level: Beginner​

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