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What To Expect

On the North side of Vágar lies some of the prettiest nature in the Faroe Islands. There is no mobile signal or electricity, and big freshwater lakes are filled with trout that taste delicious grilled over the fire.


Imagine sitting with a fishing rod on a beautiful summer night and waking up to a sunrise with the birds singing all around. There is nothing more relaxing than getting away from everything. On your camping adventure, you will fish, cookout by the fire, and immerse yourself in a Faroese camping experience.


It's recommended that you bring warm clothes, since it can get cold at night, and good hiking shoes. The fishing rods, tent, sleeping bags, and other camping gear will be provided by Reika Adventures.

Contact us to inquire about prices as each trip may vary based on group size, location, etc.


Level: Beginner


Level: Trained

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